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TV Installation

CI Tech specializes in flat and curved TV mounting installation. Whether it’s wall or ceiling/pole mounted installations, we can mount your 4K, 3D TV, HDTV, LED, LCD, Plasma TV with ease just about anywhere. We also provide non-wall mounted solutions for homes as well as installation services for businesses.

Projector & Screen Installation

Catering to customers larger viewing needs, we offer various project mounting solutions with wall or ceiling-mounting options. CI Tech projector installation services include manual or motorized screen assembly and screen mounting. Options for media room A/V or conference room installation is also available.

Audio system


We also provide expert sound installation for all of your audio needs. We handle 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1 or 7.2 surround sound systems as well as a multitude of sound bar options. Choices of traditional wall mounted book-shelf, flushed mounted in-wall, or in-ceiling speakers are available along with multi-zone and room outdoor and indoor solutions.

surround sound system is what provides you with the crystal clear quality that you normally experience in a movie house.  Having your own surround sound installation at home will make watching a movie in the comfort of your own home as entertaining as it is to watch in a movie house.

Store Pick-Up & Delivery

CI Tech provide a TV delivery and installation combo that caters to customers needing to pick up and install sets right away. CI Tech picks your TV from a retailer’s distribution center or store location and delivers it to your address of choice. We coordinate a convenient time with you to deliver, unpack, and install your television set.

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